Samuel Goodwin grew up in the mountains just past Denver, Colorado. Samuel ultimately aspires to write and direct feature films within his home state, but he’s prepared to wander a while before ending up there. When Sam isn’t making films, he tries to snowboard through winters and backpack through summers. He’s proud to have graduated from the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts in 2014.



Samantha Osburn has been CEO of the production start-up Atlanta Media Pros and their subsidiary brand RockPunch for the past three and a half years. Starting off in the industry as an actor turned voice actor, she eventually found her calling in production after spending some time working at Viacom and Comedy Central on such projects as The Daily Show and various stand up specials. She's produced web-series, shorts, commercials, web content, documentaries and her work has been broadcast internationally and screened at festivals from coast to coast. She loves the creative process and jamming on her planner. She also has a hard time finding pictures that look like her because she spends most of her time dressed up like anime characters.



Samuel Goergen (better known as Sammy) is an 8 year-old Atlanta based actor. He entered the TV/film industry, as a movie extra, at the end of 2014. After several extra roles, Samuel was determined to “speak” and not be just background. Days later, while filming as an extra on the film, In Dubious Battle, Director James Franco gave Samuel an on the spot line, fueling Samuel’s love of acting. Since then, Samuel has pursued acting in a focused way, landing him supporting roles on highly rated TV shows including The Vampire Diaries and The Carbonaro Effect, as well as starring in short films, to include The Staying Kind, opposite Rachel Hendrix. He’s enrolled in acting classes at Studio 27, in Tyrone, GA, focusing on all aspects of the film industry.


Production Designer

Brittney Rothal grew up in the swampy climates and still air of the Everglades, in a cookie cutter suburb that only forced her deeper into her art as escapism. She soon discovered her passion in film, meeting all sorts of people, wanting to tell their stories as well as her own. Its not every day you meet a Chinese-Jew who dreams in fluent Spanish. Art directing and fabricating quickly became a career path after entering college. Graduating from the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts, she moved up to Atlanta and worked as the art department PA of Netflix's popular Stranger Things. From there, she worked a few commercials, not only a PA but as special fx, and set decorator. With projects such as Stranger Things and The Walking Dead under her belt, Brittney is still looking to fill her appetite for creation and fabrication. In such a rapidly changing and challenging city, Brittney is striving for more work in the arts.


Director of Photography

Kyle Morgan crafts his passion for cinematography from genuine stories and his admiration for lighting.

He began his creative voyage at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, FL. This education spurred on a fascination for film and camera work that ushered a path to the Florida State University film program.

Classmates and teachers there formed a creative cocoon that assisted in focusing his skills and discovering the power of visual story-telling.

Kyle is currently based in Atlanta and works as a freelance Cinematographer, as well as a Set Lighting Technician on films such as Guardians of the Galaxy 2. 

"The ultimate goal is to use the wisdom gained from mentors on bigger shows and implement that knowledge into my creative work," he says, reflecting on the months as a lighting technician.

Kyle is in pre-production for two short films and will begin working on Godzilla 2 the summer of 2017



An Atlanta local, Megan Manning (“Mae” if you’re cool, and you are) is handles any and all post-production needs, including cutting, coloring, and swearing at the screen when her software crashes. Her nerd bones are strong—she consumes all films, games, and comics. Never doubt that she’s judging your taste in movies.